Business Politics

AIMEX Excellence Policy;

- To give respect to people and to give priority to job security.

- To be a preferred workplace.

- To ensure customer satisfaction with an efficient, efficient objective and unbiased approach in accordance with legislation, legislation and standards.

- To give importance to effective communication with our employees and business partners and to develop a mutual trust environment.

- To follow Ethical rules.

- Developing our employees.

- To act preventive and corrective.

- To work with team spirit.

- To value creative ideas and to make a difference with innovative applications.

-To accept continuous improvement and development based on full participation as work discipline.

- Ensuring business continuity and risk management by protecting the privacy, integrity and accessibility features of information.

- To use energy and resources effectively for a sustainable production compatible with the world.

- Choosing environmentally sensitive and energy efficient options for products and services.

- Instead of cleaning the environment, adopt a non-polluting approach to maintain a clean, orderly and standardized working environment.

- To comply with all legal regulations and standards related to our activities in environmental and energy issues, and to take care to protect the environment and natural life beyond legal requirements.

- To control and reduce the environmental effects caused by all our processes by means of preventive and corrective approaches to the climate, air, soil and water,


AIMEX Service Policy;

- To analyze customer needs accurately and to provide high value added, innovative and applicable solutions.
- To increase the ability to cooperate and to act together,
- To be able to foresee risks, to manage them correctly and to direct them correctly,
- Evaluating the feedback received from its comrades and targeting continuous development,
- To give priority to team work, support their teammates,
- Working to improve their competencies and managerial skills by supporting the continuous development of the employees.
- Provides an open communication with customers, employees and business partners and guides them with the right roadmaps to help them build, develop and maintain their own corporate business solutions.

AIMEX develops objective approaches by acting as a client, a shareholder and an employee on your behalf and takes on a unifying and complementary role through an independent perspective.


AIMEX Privacy Policy;

All managerial consultancy is committed to ensuring that the information, documents, reports and results obtained during the working period are not shared with third parties and that they are compensated for any breach of confidentiality.

In principle, by considering its principles, first of all, then living, then bringing the quality to the forefront and seeing all operations, products and services and social responsibility approaches as a continuous development area.

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