Commercial vehicle equipments

  • Passenger seats

    Passenger seats

  • Aluminium rails and curtains

    Aluminium rails and curtains

  • Convector


  • Luggage compartment doors

    Luggage compartment doors

  • Seat upholstery

    Seat upholstery

  • Electrical step

    Electrical step

  • Pneumatic in-swing doors

    Pneumatic in-swing doors

  • Luggage compartment mechanizm

    Luggage compartment mechanizm

  • Refrigerator


  • Tempered side glasses

    Tempered side glasses

  • Seleneoid valves

    Seleneoid valves

  • Emergency exit valves

    Emergency exit valves

  • Pneumatic pistons

    Pneumatic pistons

  • Electrical minibus doors

    Electrical minibus doors

  • Electrical equipments

    Electrical equipments

  • Driver Seats

    Driver Seats

  • Pneumatic out-swing doors

    Pneumatic out-swing doors

  • Electrical out-swing doors

    Electrical out-swing doors

  • Manuel ramp

    Manuel ramp

  • Wheelchair lifts

    Wheelchair lifts

  • Isolation materials

    Isolation materials

  • Floor systems

    Floor systems

  • Aluminium seat rails

    Aluminium seat rails

  • Roof and interior parts

    Roof and interior parts

  • Aluminium frames

    Aluminium frames

  • Roof hatches

    Roof hatches

  • Grab handle bars

    Grab handle bars

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