Successful companies are the companies that can provide customer loyalty and employee loyalty at a high level, increase the shareholder value, have a sustainable and strong financial structure, are operationally efficient, can work effectively and manage change and growth.

AIMEX provides consultancy services in the face of the changing needs of its customers, to take them forward in the market they are competing, to develop strategies to achieve their vision and objectives, to implement strategies and to support them with technology.


AIMEX, Activity Topics;

Corporate governance
Communication management
Brand management
Performance management
Risk management
Hr management
Skill management
Change management
Conflict management
Activity management
Financial management
Information management
Sales management
Project management


Here's what we can do for you:

Strategic road map,
Vision, mission and policy determinationStrategy,
tactics and goal setting
KPI monitoring and reporting
Configuring top management
Search conference
Improvement of internal controls
Creation of authority matrix
Family constitution
SWOT Analysis
Business plan
Corporate identity identification
Corporate launch
Organization handbook
Quality handbookInstitution manual
Opening of communication channels
Internal and external correspondence
Information and document management
Business IQ
Digital IQ
Setting the agenda
Meeting management
Management review organization
Managerial reporting
Action plans
Action tracking
Team management
5s and Kaizen culture
Budget planning
Budget handbook
Monthly and annual budget preparation
Budget reporting
Deviation analysis,
Preparing financial statements
Cash flow projection
Comparative financial statements analysis
Z score analysis
Chassis control
Warehouse control
Stock management
ABC analysisInventory turnover
Counting organizations
Administrative and technical procurement procedure
ERP coordination
Process design
Internal and external risk factors
Compliance with legislation
Contract revisions
Certification process monitoring
Brand Management
Sales and after-sales organization
Marketing strategies
Advertising and promotion design
Foreign trade organization
Presentation techniques
Time management and planning
Management skills development
Effective communication and empathy
Individual awareness
Project management
Government support and incentives
KOSGEB projects
TUBITAK projects
Project writing, application and process follow-up
Workplace regulations
Personnel regulation
HR planning
HR management solutions
Training planning and management
Senior recruitment
Wage management
Disciplinary management
Skill management
360 değerlendirme performance rating
Suggestion and reward systems
Innovative applications
Internal customer satisfaction reporting
Employee loyalty reporting
Corporate social responsibility
Social media management

While AIMEX shares its business excellence philosophy, continuous improvement, innovative approach and sustainable growth strategies with its customers, it attaches importance to university-industry cooperation, supports its studies with the current literature and works with our esteemed academicians.

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